Request to restore a deleted character Glaivier

Hi, I’m wondering if it’s possible to restore a Glaivier I deleted a couple weeks ago to try other classes. I ended up not liking the others, and I’m wondering if it is still possible to restore the Glaivier I made a while back. I have one character slot available.

I don’t remember if I reused the name while making other characters.

Name: Taizier
Class: Glaivier // Martial Artist (Female)
Server: NAW - Mari
Level 50 ~ North Vern Knowledge Transfer was used on this Glaivier

Thank you and kind regards. Let me know if there are any issues with this request.

Hello there @Taizerx , welcome to the forums!

I will gladly assist you with this request, just remember to be logged out of the game! Allow me to look for your character. :wink:

Update: I have found your character but I need you to please close the game so I can continue! Let me know when you are able to do so! :smiley:


Hi, I just saw the message. Logging out now!

Awesome! I have restored your character, next time you log in please let me know if everything is alright! :smiley:


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Thank you so much! Have a great rest of your evening :grin:

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