Requesting clarification from Roxx

I, as I assume many others, would like a more in depth clarification on what quantifies as an attempt when the statement “current success rates for some of these contents is less than 10%”

Source: Answer Regarding Guardian Raid and Abyss Dungeon Difficulty - #3 by Roxx and Answer Regarding Guardian Raid and Abyss Dungeon Difficulty - #3 by Roxx

Now I understand that this says SOME but you’ve also gone ahead and provided the worst case statistic which has become a justification point for nerfs, but you haven’t shown us anything as to what is considered an attempt.

This post IS NOT about being for or against nerfs, I simply wish to see a more in detail response on all that is quantified within this statistic. All the data already exists, seeing as a percentage can be stated, but details as to everything being accounted in this is missing and thus creating ambiguity.

I think providing full in depth statistics of how clearing is measure, what is counted as an attempt, timings, dps done, whether or not certain mechanics were met (such as if stagger checks are being cleared), etc. would be a great insight to the player base as to why the decisions are being made. Simply stating a statistic without clarity on details, in my opinion, is misleading.

Thank you.


Lol asking AGS to be clear abt anything is like expecting a scorpion to not sting you.

I 1000% doubt they’d be transparent, only giving half truths.

I would like to know how many players got to item lvl 302 in comparison to the amount of players who attempted the fights and failed.

I think “less than 10%” doesn’t mean anything because we don’t know what percentage of players attempted it or what ilv they were at when they attempted it, if it was a match make or a premade, etc.

Thing is, as a player, all I can do is simply ask and hope that @Roxx / AGS respond.

They can of course lie to us and hide all official statistics, and we wouldn’t know any better, but I don’t want to close myself off from being receptive with such a mentality.

No it’s great you’re asking but yeah the more I’m noticing AGS’s communication, the more I’m straying away from the game.

I’m willing to bet that those numbers would be significantly higher if you removed matchmaker and forced people to communicate and put together a group in party-finder beforehand. Up to Sea of Indolence no Abyss Raid should be that much of a struggle with some communication.