Requesting EUW - Free transfer


i’m wondering if there’s a possibility to transfer our characters from EUC to EUW incl. ALL character progression, items, founder’s packs etc etc.

IF this is the case. I personally, and i’m sure many others too, am willing to transfer my characters to EUW.

Please, this free transfer would be so much appreciated and people would actually be encouraged to move to another server (EUW) to eleviate the pressure on EUC.


Korean Lost ark they have that :

Why not us?

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Feature is not implemented and as far as i understood from a comment made by @Seawolf they would rather be stuck with server changes than implement the feature at all

Really? I had no idea. Then we might have a chance at a free transfer per character.

Also I forgot to mention, which i’m sure others are having issues with too. The queue times -

I’m on Calvasus and when I logged in at 20.00 CET+1 the queue was at 12k. This is absurd.

I want to join to the request.

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