Requesting my Guardian Reward


Not sure where to go with this. Sorry if this isn’t the correct place.

Today I matchmade Kungelanium on my Shock Scrapper. I got a party quickly and spawned as player 1 in the party. General community decorum is that unless agreed upon otherwise or someone calls it in advance, player 1 flares for the party to locate the guardian and I did that. Another player in the party also randomly threw a flare, and then later in the raid told me i needed to use more battle items even though i already did, and i guess he didn’t want to. When i told him I was player 1 and I threw a flare as I was supposed to, he threw a fit, acted incredibly toxic, insulted me, used abusive language, etc. I can provide the name of this player if needed for verification.

Anyway, I assume he either knew the other players in the raid or whispered them, and they vote kicked me out of the raid even though i was nice enough about everything, and neither said or did anything wrong. I participated properly, handled myself well, and did not retaliate for his abusive behavior. I explained to him the general community decorum for party battle item order, but he preferred to be a toxic person instead of listening.

Requesting that, if possible, I get my rewards from the run since a quick review of chat logs should verify that I am telling the truth here and did not deserve to be ganged up on because of one toxic player. Let me know if you can help.

Thanks in advance!

wow, so player 1 throw flare is still kicked in fppc?
this game community is very confusing. what region do you play?

NA west. thankfully most people are pretty nice, this guy was just having a bad day or something, idk. or maybe he’s just a bad person in general.

i guess he just never learned the whole fppc thing. and i have no idea why anyone would throw a fit over battle items in the first place. just seems really silly to me.

either way, the run was almost over when all this happened. probably 30 seconds between him losing it and the run being over. so if i can get the rewards, thats all i need.

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Hello @itsasickness and @ChinGG,

I am sorry to hear you were kicked out of an instance, costing you the entry. Unfortunately, we do not offer reentries at present for these kinds of scenarios but we would certainly recommend reporting any instances of abuse of breaches to the Amazon Games TOS.

To report a player or guild in-game:
Press CTRL + Right Mouse Button (RMB) on either a player, or a player’s name in chat.
Select Report, then select a reason.
Provide the player’s character name, details of the incident, and include screenshots when applicable. For guild reports, make sure to include the guild name.

To report a player or guild outside the game, file a web ticket Report a Player or Guild - Support | Amazon Games

Thank you for helping us keep Arkesia safe. :wolf:

Thanks Fenrir. Understand if tools do not exist to handle this. Can I suggest you guys look into what may be available for this sort of thing in the future?

I reported him as requested, but imo it doesnt really feel like the right solution. I had already blocked him and knew i wouldnt have to play with him again, so reporting doesn’t do much for me in this situation.

His behavior already cost me a good game experience and some peace of mind, I don’t think its a good thing that I have no recourse to recover rewards I fairly earned as well.

anyway, just a suggestion.

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