Requirements for the Gifts on Thursday?

Hey, I know it never said anything about the having to meet a certain requirement to receive the rewards in the message from the devs. I just wanted to confirm that was the case, it wouldn’t affect me at all but I have friends who have recently downloaded the game and are not even level 50 yet so they wouldn’t meet any requirements if they had to do North Vern or something like the powerpass. Wanted to make sure they are eligible to receive the rewards from the get go or if we quickly have to level them up and do a certain continent.

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Yup, no stress, just goodies! Will just be a window to log in and claim :slight_smile:


is there a time limit on claiming the rewards or will they be there to claim forever ?

Will the double adventure islands on weekends be fixed and back after Thursday’s patch as well?


They’ve only recently acknowledged it, so probably not.

Its been more than 3 weeks as per some of the posts in the forum. Some players already miss out during the week due to work or personal reasons. Its a huge issue long term not having those on weekends.

I know its a problem, I’ve been bumping the reports for three weeks. I’m just saying that we only received a response yesterday, about passing the bug on to the team. Given the lag times involved with the process, its not reasonable to expect a fix in this week’s patch.

Fix striker omen skin please and advise update.

Yup, this is the plan!

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They won’t be around forever, but they will be claimable for the foreseeable future