Requirments for pot crafting need to be balanced

Since there is balance been made for making content more accessible and easier for new people to clear, then with the same ideology Battle potion crafting should be reworked and be removed from the p2w aspect of the game or at the very least to become easier to craft.

The current issue is that the better potions (purple potions) require a lot of materials to make, while the energy you get as a f2p is around 2.4k / 12 hours. To be able to get enough flowers to craft potions you will need to invest all your energy into getting flowers. Which makes it harder to focus towards others objectives.

One could argue that you can schedule things and craft ahead but this is not something everybody wants to do and this will be a reason for new players to leave the game. Amazon spoke on how they wish to make the game better for the new people and they nerfed content despite the fact that many of us me included argued that this was wrong, regardless they didnt listen. So now we should also ask for them to better balance battle potion making since they are so interested in keeping the new players.

Some of you will say that you can craft green potions which are easier. Yes they are easier but you also get to carry less with you depending on their grade. Ultimately they heal less, u carry less and for higher end content, they are relatively useless.

Another argument towards the need for them to rework the battle potions is that the game encourages you to have many alts, but with that its obvious you will need to split those resources by the number of alts you have, something that will make the need of resources much much worse and to an extent it will be nearly impossible to have alts on higher content and keep up with daily and weekly content.

Personally i feel like the only thing keeping lost ark back is the way they treat players with the battle potions, they should be reworked and they should become more accessible. At the very least halve the resources needed to craft them so that new players can actually have a better time been able to do content.

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I agree, potions and other consumables are becoming overwhelming for me, it feels like I’m supposed to use crystals to keep up even though I am crafting them as well.

The consumables in this game do not feel westernized at all. 25 Crystals for 50 potions, 25 crystals for 30 whirlwinds. It feels like I’m buying these every other day. Remember on top of crafting them too.

I am ilvl 1350 and have cleared every content. I went in blind into every raid and learn the fight through healing through mechanics to progress. This is the only way to learn fights other wise you weigh your team down with constant resets.

My suggestion is to increase the amount of potions in mari shop for 25 crystals a westernized amount we should receive for that would be about 300 potions.

During Events that the game is currently missing, Amazon you should make sure to pump the community with consumables, this should help a lot.

Coming from another westernized Korean MMO Black Desert Online, Potions are bought with silver and do not even cause a dent in resources, please consider this amazon.

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That is absolutly the case! They (AGS) want you to spend money and their systems are designed to make it tedious and to some extend hindering and frustrating. Just to get you to the point where you spend money. Adding the fact that crafting also costs Gold, you may end up in a deadlock situation where you have no potions and not enough gold.

Really annoying system but unfortunatly common in free to play games.

EDIT: Wow… i actually quoted the wrong part of your post :roll_eyes:

Gold is not really an issue perse (yes it hard to get but there are ways to get it, such as farming collectibles)

And i understand they wanna put a reason for people to buy things from their store but at the same time, this will be a reason for many to quit, in all my years of gaming i never had a game that i had to even consider buying potions with real money! this is unthinkable and to be honest as much as i enjoy the game if i see that i simply cant keep up i will stop playing it, not gonna support such systems, its not worth it.

It’s the typical innovation cycle companies go through. They will continue to test the waters and go to the very limit of what is commonly accepted by the western / american market, before introducing something new with the same intend.
As a gamer it’s horrible but we gave them the spearhead with accpeting “cosmetics” and “mounts” in the shop. Nothing there that one guy can do to stop this and unfortunatly people spend thousands of dollars on those shops and even ask for more items.
It won’t stop anytime soon.

Yeah sadly the shop thing will never stop, and to be honest i dont mind it as long as its reasonable but the potions part is something that you need in order to clear content, without them not only you cant clear it but you also become a burden for the rest. As pots for whatever reason are bound to character?!

Even in bdo for example each character had their own seperate energy and you could have alts that each can do their part in collecting materials, here the energy is for the entire roster so you cant even do that.

The decision they made to make pots part of the store and the fact they they cost gold and also a lot of materials will make MANY players quit the game. Life skill should be part of the game sure but they made those VITAL items accessible only through that or disgusting prices on the shop. Its unreasonable and hypocritical of Amazon games to come and say that they wanna make the game accesible and then drop such a hard barricade for the new players. Eventually everyone will hit that wall.

Plus on the market they cost 30+ gold EACH POTION. these are not viable prices or systems for the long run.