'Research complete' in stronghold, but nowhere to be found or accepted

I have 2 research slots in my stronghold; one of my research called ‘Gritting your Teeth’ is completed but when I enter my stronghold its nowhere to be found to accept it. Instead, it shows ‘Cabin Expansion’ as complete (on the management tab) even though it has 1 day and 5 hours left.
Rifled through the lab screen and couldn’t find anyway to accept my completed research.

What can I do to be able to access and click “Complete Now” or accept the research that is done?
Hoping for solutions!


Sounds like the same issue we are having here, started after the update today.

Here is a list of screenshots to kind of show what I’m seeing.

Thank you for showing me this thread!

Same issue, The Stronghold lab only shows 1 research active, that wrongly shows that it’s completed while the second one that actually is completed doesn’t show on the UI so I cant interact with it to actually finish it to start a second research item.

Same problem for me…

hey to make it easier for mods and devs try to reply in the biggest thread instead of using multiple ones !

I found a workaround at least for the time being because I wanted to complete something. If you remember the name of the research you completed you can change the research list to show all research on top, after select the research you believe to be done and click completed. You can at least complete something in the fashion.


This works. Great tip! Really hope they go ahead and fix this though.

Logged in just to 1up this comment. I was able to complete a research without waiting the 17 hours for my other research to complete first.

Thank you for posting, if i didnt see this i will have to wait a day and a half.

I am having the EXACT same issue.

Same problem here…