Reset account so we can switch to EUW!

Let us be able to reset our account so we can claim our twitch drops/celebration gift on EUW!!!


Short answer : No.

Long answer : I worked hard to almost reach T2 with my first char and I wanna keep it to play there when it gets better. Also I bought packs that can’t be refunded or sent to EUW, so I’d get penalized twice.

it would be fully optional, I would leave my progress if I could take my stuff with me

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My bad I processed this too fast. If optional and decided by each user individually then I agree.

np, I understand some want to stay, but for me personally I would love to play on EUW just for the fact that it is much smother and if there was a reset option then I belive many more would go over to EUW and this is a win-win situation for all of us even amason and smilegate.



Unfortunately I believe they would only be able to reset your progress, not anything you bought containing currency/consummables, since you could already have consummed/exchanged them on the market.

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I belived the EUC would get better, but its not and it wont in anytime soon, I should have used it on EUW but I had hopes that EUC would get better…

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I’d also move if I could bring all the exclusive stuff with me.


I feel you there, I finally switched sides leaving all my progress and money behind.
It was that or playing queue simulator for god knows how long…

This is a good idea. Unfortunately most of the items are tradable so it’s unlikely.

make them untradeable then, as long as we get them.

I strongly support an optional reset function. Of course, you would have to keep all packs, purchases and drops at the same time. You just have to redeem them once again.

Would be like a semi-char transfer. But better than none at all.

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@Roxx please. This should be easy too code. I just want my mounts and pets from twitch and celebration gift on euw.