Reset didn't reset Daily Adventure Island Availability (and other things)

When I logged in today, I couldn’t do any adventure island, the screen says “drumbeat island claimed” when it’s not even an island that’s available today (it was an island I did 2 days ago).

In fact, my whole account’s weeklies seem bugged as a lot of things like ghost ship, challenge abyssal, and challenge guardians didn’t reset, but that’s harder to prove that than just my word. The adventure island claimed thing is obvious though.

Server: NA East Adrinne
Username: Charismata


Thank you for reporting this, I’ve seen another user with this issue and I’ve escalated it to the team.

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I have the same issue above. In addition, my stronghold action energy is not restoring, a specific character’s daily una and daily guardians are no resetting as well.

Server: NA East Adrinne

Wait you’re right… my stronghold energy somehow is also not restoring, and on my sorc the Unas and Guardian raids did not reset either…

Thanks for the additional info folks.

I also have this problem. Approximately 12 hours before weekly reset I got the “Select your Gold Earning Characters Popup” on my 5th character, then disconnected. Now my SH won’t regenerate activity energy, the Opportunity Isle adventure I did yesterday still shows as completing today, and weeklies are acting strange (that same 5th character’s activity after the gold earner screen popup is counting for this week despite reset happening about 12 hours after I got the popup).

just adding that i also have the same issues below, i submitted a ticket and they said they are looking into it

  1. Stronghold Action Energy is not regenerating.
  2. Adventure Island is not resetting, it shows i completed drumbeat when today’s adventure islands are volare, oblivion isle, lagoon
  3. One character dailies are not resetting, it shows i completed una’a task and guardian raids when i have not done them today yet

I am also having the same issue. I would like to add that I did not receive any Mayhem Marks for clearing Kuku or any Phantom Marks for clearing 1-5 Brel this week.

The issue seems to stem from being disconnected during a Guardian raid on Tuesday right before reset.

I need my Brel emotes help! :grin:

Thank you’

Hello @Kirryanaa, @kev1n and @Lowen,

Could you all please respond with your server name.

Anyone else who has faced this issue and come across this thread, I’d also ask that you provide your server too.

That will help us to narrow down which servers are facing this issue.

Thanks everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:

Regulus, i have a friend on Una also having the same issue. we believe it was caused by a dc in a guardian raid as well that happened on tuesday night

Same issues as the people posted above, Island not resetting, half my characters aren’t regenerating guardians, field boss and stronghold energy not resetting. I’m not certain anymore, but I think my energy was capped out when this happened, when I was pretty sure it wasn’t.

My server is Adrinne.

I have the same issue, I’m on NAE Adrinne. Weekly Challenge Guardian/Abyssal didnt reset, Adventure Island didnt reset, one of my characters Una/Guardian didnt reset, and Stronghold energy isnt regenerating.

Just update. Drumbeat island still claimed today, and thunderwings too even though I never did it today. The other issues are still persisting like the stronghold energy not regenerating.

NAE Una, same issues as everyone else. I disconnected in a guardian raid and the only thing that’s been resetting since then on that character has been chaos dungeons. None of my other characters’ dailies seem to be affected, just the one who dc’d. My daily una leapstones :frowning:

I have also been having this issue.

My server is Regulus. Character name is Ignis.

Some more info about how this started potentially
On Tuesday 12/27 around 16:40 server time, I finished up a Caliligos guardian raid. Everyone in that raid got 2 souls and all of our rested bonus went to 100% even though we didn’t have any before going in.

Since then that characters Guardian Raids and Una Dailies do not refresh (are already claimed at reset). On top of that my ghost ship, weekly challenge guardian, weekly challenge dungeon, field boss, and adventure islands did not refresh and the dailies are still not refreshing.

Another oddity was that it messed with Legion Raid gates after that strange occurrence on Tuesday. It said Gate 4 available on Valtan (only 2 gates…) and Gate 5 available for Kakul-Saydon (Only 3 gates…)

Similar to others above, my stronghold energy is not replenishing either.



This also happened to me. My server is Una on NAE and my character name is Dräleric. On Tuesday December 27th I was doing Argos and right after we cleared the first gate, I got a notification saying my unas had reset and then immediately after I was disconnected. When I logged back in, my chaos dungeons and guardians were at 100 rested (they were at 0 before the disconnect) and my entries were also reset for it so I was able to do them again. My challenge abyss and guardians were also reset so I did them too, thinking everything would reset the next day for reset day. They didnt and now things like my una dailies, adventure island, guardian raids, etc are locked and it seems Im losing out on a weeks worth of daily things which isnt great :sob:

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Adrinne server also, similar issue… Guardian Raids not resetting, stronghold harvest aswell, claimed events on Procyon’s compass. Also my stronghold vendor says she leaves in 39 days

@OminousOnion I am on Regulus. I also submitted a support ticket that support told me they were forwarding to the technical team. Hope that helps. Thank you

I’m on Sasha but i only noticed the Bug when I got into a Guardian Raid and had 2 souls to harvest.