Reset didn't reset Daily Adventure Island Availability (and other things)

Are compensations being sent out? How do I receive one?

I’ve sent multiple e-mails to CS regarding this issue since week 1 of this bug and they told me to reach back by 1/20 if I didn’t receive a compensation (just sent another e-mail).

More importantly, when is the fix for characters locked out of Brelshaza coming? This is 5 weeks of no progress which is getting stupidly ridiculous and is very frustrating.

Posting here to spread awareness of this persistent issue that I and many others still have with no permanent fix in sight coming anytime soon.

I currently received the bug as well for about a month and one of my characters are perma locked in despite not doing any of the weeklys

Character: Astrrea
Server: Una

Thank you for your patience as we gathered information and finalized compensation plans for those affected by the timer reset issue bug.

Players that were impacted by this issue will receive a compensation package that contains the following:

  • Guardian Raid Rest Bonus Ticket x21
  • Una’s Task +1 x21
  • Basic Life Energy Potion x60
  • Stronghold Energy (S) x150
  • 30 Day Crystalline Aura

In addition to these items, due to how this issue had different impacts on each player, we will be investigating each account individually and sending reset tickets based on individual circumstance and missed content. Because these tickets only last 7 days and we do not want players to feel pressured to use all tickets within a one week period, players who are eligible for multiple tickets will receive one weekly reset ticket each maintenance period over the coming weeks.

These items will be available to claim through your Universal Storage, which can be accessed via “Guides” button in the UI. Please note that this compensation will only be claimable by the main character on your Roster, and is only available until February 28th. If you run into any issues claiming your items, please contact Customer Support so that the team can assist you directly.

We hope this will help make up for the activities that players may have been unable to complete due to this bug.

This is unacceptable. I’ve never had a company mistreat their player base for so long then slap them in the face laugh worthy compensation. GG Amazon/Smilegate joke of a company.


What about the lost rewards from challenge abyss/gr, una tokens, missed cards/gold/pirate coins from islands, and a ton of shards pouches lost due to not being able to run chaos gates for maps/currency

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This is a joke, right? The real compensation is coming, right? @Roxx @ShieldMaiden


oh nice, they compensating you guys by making you to do more homework and chores. Enjoy doing 20 Clowns and Brelshazas all at once guys.

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Analysis of the compensation based on my original post.

  1. Daily Guardian Raids - Guardian Raid Rest Bonus Ticket x21
  2. Daily Una Tasks - Una’s Task +1 x21
  3. Chaos Gates
  4. Field Bosses
  5. Adventure Islands
  6. Ghost Ship
  7. Weekly Una tasks
  8. Weekly Una Tokens
  9. Challenge Abyss Dungeons
  10. Phantom Marks - Maybe covered by raid tickets
  11. Mayhem Marks - Maybe covered by raid tickets
  12. Legion Raids - Raid tickets
  13. Stronghold Energy - Stronghold Energy (S) x150
  14. Weekly Guild Islands(Slime Island and Medeia)
  • General aura consumption during this time - 30 Day Crystalline Aura
  • Life energy not recharging(I don’t know if this affected me personally) - Basic Life Energy Potion x60

you get personalized compensation in addition in case you missed that part. What else do you feel like you were missing just for reference?

Edit: From further reading I see that they havent adressed the lost rewards from things outside of raids such as Medei/slime event and other islands. They could definitely have included some card packs/pirate coins/gold and basically just give the kind of rewards that challenge guardian drops for compensation for medeia/slime/ghostship/field boss
I also dont think you would be able to recouperate the lost Phantom/Mayhem Marks that could not be obtained during this since they are on a fixed roster weekly lockout


Just my 2 cents, whoever was impacted by this just do them a solid and give them the mats they would have missed. Making it so they have to do all these over again is just a huge waste of time both on your end, and the players.

Imo should have just issued out

  1. An appropriate avg number of 1490 boxes that guarantee give a relic item equivalent to the avg number of relic accessories obtained over the missing guardian raids/ chaos dungeon

  2. 3 legendary card pack ( random ver )

  3. 50 sea coin chest ( 100 coin ver )

  4. if the team wants to go the extra mile and individually inspect each case, then issue out the appropriate number of 10,000 gold bars from una task to account for missing legion raids if that truly happened.

What about legion raids/materials should add something for that ???

Forget about the lack of a proper compensation when it comes to the missed out rewards when it comes to Chaos Gates, Field Bosses, Ghost Ships, Adventure Islands, Challenge Dungeons. Guild Islands, etc. for just a second.

Why in the HELL are the legion raid reentry tickets bound to my Roster’s main character? My main character DOES NOT NEED those tickets because he has enough horns to make all 6 Brel gears already!

It’s my 1500 ilvl character who has been stuck not being able to do Brelshaza for 5 weeks now who needs those reentry tickets, not my main character! If you’re going to send those reentry tickets to our universal storage, why not make them umm idk, universal???

And the biggest thing of all: Brelshaza has still not reset on my 1500 ilvl character! I tried changing my main Roster character to that character to see if I can collect the tickets and voila! NOPE. Who’s to say that after next week’s maintenance if Brel will EVER reset on that character?

And lastly, do I have to set my main Roster character to that character for the next 4 weeks or so to receive tickets on her? The lack of a clear explanation and not even telling us beforehand to change our main Roster characters before the compensations were sent out is what is so unbelievably frustrating.

i cant wait to get this compensation even tho i wasnt affected

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Why is offical news replying here and not a CM and why drop this at the end of the day before weekend with no communication whatsoever? what is this?

I don’t want the extra legion raid ticket weekly on my main. Do you even understand how the game works?

I want it on my bugged alt, who was unable to do brel for 5 weeks. And it’s STILL bugged on brel EVEN after maintenance and I reported it and you’re ignoring the problem. It’s NOT FIXED.

Also, what about all the other stuff, there is a long list of them that we missed FOR A MONTH, and this is the compensation? lol, lmao, ROFL even.

Wait, so the people affected by your mistake wont get compensated, you decided to instead force them into doing all missed homework if they want to catch up?

And what about other content like chaos gates, UNA GOLD, ghost ships, world bosses, adventure islands and capture events which are a big part of the gold income? What about challenge abyssal dungeons which give selector packs or challenge guardians which give materials? What about the accounts that had multiple bricked characters, they wont get anything for that?

The stronghold energy is also useless without time reduction tickets, and even with that it will take ages to catch up with dispatches as the amount of quests per day is limited.

Also, am I blind or is there no mention about chaos dungeons? Or was that working as it should?

I feel really bad for the people affected by this

Wow, if I got affected, I think I would 100% quit.

so that the CM doesnt get targeted harrassment like they have from previous times.
Its already obvious a CM is posting from that account you just dont know who.

well, time to target all of them /s