Reset due to invalid preference on this PC .... Any help?

This is the first time I’ve got this error. Got 1,5k hours, I logged in today did my weeklies and dailies on my main and when I was doing una on my alt my PC just shut down. After I opened it and tried to log in to lost ark I’m getting this ‘‘Reset due to invalid preference on this PC’’ error and my PC just shuts down. Tried couple of things like updating my gpu drivers , my clock wasnt right I fixed it , verified my game files etc nothing helped. Any ideas or anyone who experienced this issue? Rİght now I’m gonna delete the game and reinstall as a last resort.

Maybe it helps: My PC shuts down right before selecting server and there is this Accept the terms page pups up like I’m entering this game for the first time

Lancerqueen Kadan (EUC)

Hello @LancerQueen,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re facing that issue.

I can see that you have tried different types of troubleshooting, can you please tell me if deleting and re-installing the game worked?

I’ll be aware for your answer, have a great day and take care! :dagger:

Hi there @LancerQueen. My apologies for the late response on this one.

I just want to know if you’re still having this issue, or if you solved it let me know what you did. I’m curious to know how this went.

In case the problem persists, some folks were able to solve it by entering here C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Lost Ark\EFGame and deleting the config folder. Some other folks were able to log in after “switching” regions, by just selecting other region than the one you regularly play on. Also, reinstalling the game is always an option that we consider as a last resort.

Keep me posted on this one, I’ll be waiting for your response. :wink:

Hey, I didn’t respond because the problem was not Lost Ark. After I reinstalled lost ark and had the issue again I tried to play different games. Apex legends and elden ring did the same thing but the low requirement games like league of legends and some indie games was running fine. So I just reboot my pc and tried again but issue remained. So I will send my pc to a technician next week.

Just in case I did a gpu and cpu stress test for 10 mins. Nothing happened I hope its an psu issue. Thank you for your response

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Hey thanks for sharing. Sending good vibes so everything works the best for you and your PC. n.n

I’ll be around so don’t hesitate and tag me here in case you need further help! :wink: