Reset my Abyss Dungeon lockout

Dear AGS,

Please reset my weekly Abyss Dungeon lockout, as I was again thrown out of the instance (with the remainder of the group) and got locked out of dungeon without rewards.

I need the legendary set and other items to progress with my gearing. I heard you reimbursed other players who reported this issue, so please do it for me too, as it wasn’t my fault.

Previous week I didnt know we could report this, I also got locked out. Yesterday I got locked out too and I need the lift.

Region: EU
Server: Thirain
IGN: Nightbringer

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Having the same issue…
EUC - Procyon
IGN: Pixelate

yes it’s annoying, but why would u do them again at prime time when you already know that can happen. And no, you dont need legendary gear to progress, that is simply not true, u can do everything in blue gear and upgrade that.

Correct me if I am wrong, but even if I progress with blue gear and get to T3, wont’ I need to complete previously uncompleted Abyss Dungeons in order to be able to attend the new ones ?

I am missing out on Gold tho and the Engravings (blue + purple) :confused:

yes but since they are weekly, there might be a better time frame to do them, that’s what I meant - I don’t bother with them until the server is “stable” and matchmaking/groupfinder actually works. That’s what I wanted to say.

I am still trying to find that sweetspot, when it is best to queue for them. Of course that would be late nights and early morning… but it’s hard fo rme to adjust to those times, because of work. :smiley:

Are they aware of the matchmaking issues? I mean, I havent really seen them acknowledge it on Forums or elsewhere in posts. I am sure they know about the issues, but would be nice if they also acknowledge them and are preparing a solution.

This is the only thing I am afraid that might ruin the game. Because it hinders the End-game experience, which eventually would result into something like New World. In that case, there was no end game content and people quit. However, with the current problems of matchmaking, people with higher GS also cant play end-game content.

I also got locked out. I went to matchmaking, it said 8/8 players joined, then it loaded for a minute, and then I was back in town, but when I went to requeue, it said I was locked out for the week. This greatly hinders my progression, and overall experience with this game…especially since it’s so long until next reset. Has anyone gotten their reset ticket in the mail yet, and if so, how long did it take you?

Server: Karta
Character : Dixynormis
Abyssal dungeon : Sea of Indolence

Also got locked out from Sea of Indolence. After cutscene I got kicked out

Region: EU Central
Server: Kadan
IGN: Alenco

Hello everyone,

Greetings! :handshake:

I am sorry to know that due to technical error you were kicked out of Abyssal Dungeon,thus loosing out on the weekly instance.

Ideally the system should automatically refund this instance in a few hours through in game mail.

Kindly check for notification on in-game mail and if there is no notification please perform the following-

Check the in game mail notification , if still not received please do reach out to support-

They will be able to escalate this for your respective accounts.

Thank you!

See you at Arkesia!! :magic_wand: :sunflower:


I wrote the Amazon Support Team because of this issue, and they told me, that they cant do anything, so who is right in this instance…

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I was told it would take 24-72 hours for them to resolve the issue, if not longer

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Hello @Aeriwynn ,

I am so sorry about this.

I would request you to contact live support through the link I have mentioned in the previous and provide them with the link of this forum post for reference.

Rest assured I will try to escalate this from my end and get back once I have an update.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I verified all files, and everything is fine. However it’s been over 6 hours since this happened, and I’ve yet to receive any mail about a reset.

Same here - Sea of Indolence

Char - Uncensored
Server - Trixion

And aura is still not working


Nick - Teitu
Server - Neria

Got kicked out and locked out from Sea of Indolence yesterday, now I still can’t continue the rest or my quest or progress abyssal dungeons. Not sure what to do.

IGN: Icelv
Server: Sirius

Not for Abyss dungeons no, but it does work this way for Guardian Raids.

Same as Aradazsbusiness. Got kicked out my Abbisal dungeon aswell and now its reset and i cant progress any further.

Region: EU
Nick: Vexälia
Server: Nineveh

Same here- Gate of Paradise -Tranquil Karkosa

Region - Eu Central
Char- Miuras
Server- Neria

Region Eu
Nick : Raitonfps
Server : Kadan