Reset on wednesday when we will have more to do (alts + more raids)

Is it just me or is making this week a 6 day week really annoying?
There is so much to do with the honing buff and the new raid that finding time was already hard, and then they ‘reset’ a day sooner. Not just maintenance but reset ?

It’s just you.

It really isnt the end of the world.

I’m perfectly fine with it moving to a wedsnday. Wed’s are dead days anyway since there is no raid boss, no chaos rift, or anything.

Think it is good! Better one day before to lessen the risk of server going down when most play in the weekend!

Like fix broken things before every one is off from work.

Every other server that exist has a reset on Wednesday, literally all server but guess what?

Not a single person complain about the reset day.

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I don’t mind them doing a wendesday to wednesday, but on a major release they are cutting our playable down by 1/7th

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Even Valtan’s LAUNCH week wed was still a dead day as most of the valtan groups had cleared.

Most people get stuff done by the end of the weekend so it really doesn’t matter.

It’s just for one week, you’ll survive.

The week starts on thursday and reset is wednesday morning, it’s a 6 day week.

I do see the OP’s point; This reset will be the busiest week for the next few months so it’s kind of strange that they’re making this change this week instead of the next to make it easier on players.

??? Its being changed to wed-wed from thurs-thurs, where are you missing a day

This guy …

Its literally only for 1 week, it will go back to 7 days after that, it changes nothing.

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This week will be 1 day short since its Thur → Wed. Rest will be Wed->Wed

That being said, if you dont have the content cleared by Tue, 1 day wasn’t going to help you anyway. It doesn’t interfere with ANYTHING else.

We’re on Wed’, do you see Vykas ? The patch ? The event ?

See the thing ? Ppl are talking about THIS week, not after.

I don’t think it will affect everybody, but keep in mind that some people have some alts ready and even clearing normal x times isn’t something you do in just an evening.

So, get over it, challenge accepted! xD