Reseted Card awakenings without silver and Card XP refund

After the server merge I got my Brelshaza character merged with my Inanna Roster. Then I did not know that I first need to claim my cards (the things I had on Inanna where I had most of my things) from the Universal storage. So I started to open a few card packs, got a few legendaries as well and used them.

I know that I got a Balthorr, Wei, Armen, King Thirain for instance. Then I realized that I have to Claim my initial, main card catalog. Then for some reason these cards that I already used got reseted to 0 awakening, though I have correct number of extra cards (+13 on Wei instead of +12 and +8 on Balthorr instead of +7). But I need to awaken them again? I did not get any card XP or silver refunded, which I would expect. I tried relogging and changing characters, but I was still staying on same card XP and silver amount.

Did you claim your entire universal storage in card menu?

Yes, I did. The Universal Storage now in the Card menu is completely gone