Reskin didn't apply voice change?

I reskinned my character and selected a different voice option, the reskin went through but the voice stayed the same could I get some help?

Hey @magentamarlin!

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I am sorry to hear that the voice change that you selected for your character wasn’t applied successfully to it. Please try to verify on Steam the integrity of the game’s files. If this doesn’t solve your issue, please visit the following link to create a ticket on your behalf and have a deeper look on your issue.

Hope this helps!

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I have the same issue, except it isn’t our issue magentamarlin.

The voice files don’t match the selection. I have raised a ticket with support and it’s been quiet for a while.

I used the free character appearance ticket to change what I thought was my error.
I then spent 800 royals on another thinking I had somehow goofed it twice in a row.

Complete silence for me

This official reply you got is a joke I hope?
Verify game files?
Give the damn tickets and crystals back, your voices don’t match.