Resource differences

So, I’ve been playing as a duo since day 1, and after hitting 50 doing exactly the same content. We compared everything and everything that can give Harmony Shards and Leapstones has been completed equally.

We have been literally doing EVERYTHING together, we log in together and we log out together, with the single exception being me chopping down trees at some point while I had some extra time.

Now yesterday evening we decided to upgrade a bit of gear to finish off the day, and we came to the realization that I had about 100 leapstones extra, 20k extra harmony shards. We have had very similar fail/success rates in enchanting, and even if it would be a bit off, the harmony shard would be no where near such a big difference.

Anyone else had similar experiences?
I’m pretty much at a loss with how this can happen if we did exactly the same content all the time.