Respect to Arcanist leaders

I am enjoying Arcanist so much存uch a great class地nd for the first time I actually have to consentrate super hard, lol yes. I have 1 charcters and I felt it tonight. Arcanist is fine if you tag along, but throw in some dodging, stacking, not over pressing return spells and casting sidereel at the same time was fun :rofl: (I didnt miss)在ut respect to hardcore Arcanist player that lead aswell. I even have a gunslinger, she is easy compared to Arcanist. Just some respect for where it is due.

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Ive been feeling that a bit on my RS Soulfist alt as well. The timings on skill rotations are already very tight in general (especially with only L5 cooldown gems), and in most cases Nineveh and World Decimation should happen at exactly the same time in raids. Its a bit of an ordeal trying to squeeze in a sidereal command with the Crash-Hype-Release-Decimation combo and not end up face-tanking a major boss attack in the process.

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