Respond here if you got 3 day suspension for "Cheating"

Hi Guys, I see lots of posts about people getting 3 day ban, including myself, going to make a clean thread and maybe everyone can reply if they got suspended. This way we can just have the admins review it.

So far most people banned mentioned they played 500+ hours.

Everyone please just respond here once if you got banned so we can keep a list of all users who are affected.

Here are some threads I found so far:


Bumping for visibility


Went AFK on an alt in feiton while I made dinner, got afk logged while I was gone and came back to a 3 day suspension, cant get any clarification on why from a support ticket. 586 hours played, around 15 or so of those are from beta, so 570ish since founders release

596hr. I afk a lot and remote desktop in to refresh stronghold.

You guys probably got caught in ban waves. Is this another RNG aspect to this game??


Did y’all bought gold ?

RMT is a 3 days ban for the first offense and the reason of the ban is “Cheating”.

On a thread 2-3 days ago:

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Never touched a 3rd party site, just have a ton of hours played (500+, same as everyone caught in this ban wave, see a pattern?)

I have no more than 150k gold from selling T3 mats and accesories lol

Nö i didnt RMT and the reason for the ban is “BETRUG” (Scam).

If y’all saying the truth maybe its a mass report, idk

yeah but we didn’t uhm i mean i didn’t cant speak for the others :smiley:

ban seems about legit bc i have only 40k :smiley: jkjk!

I have 19k gold lol…

More than 500h played, got ban like 1hour or more ago, was taking a breatk for eat something.

Gold 25k lol

seems we all did go afk, and we all have 550h+

Also went AFK to make food came back to idling too long, relaunched and hit with a suspension.

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Went AFK to make some food, came back to about to be logged out for being AFK message, made a switch in my game settings to go from dx11 to dx9 due to playing on older laptop, and came back to being banned. Sitting at 588 hours currently.

Same here. 500+ hours went afk to eat dinner came back to this. never RMT or used anything. Just played too much. Please fix this soon.

I’m on the boat! Don’t know what to do because ban appeal page gives me error 404.

Edit: got the ban appeal, still no answer, hoping this will be solved till end of maintenance

maybe overload

@poobah @msteele11101 same, i did a break for eat something and when returning to pc disconected and ban

If any game master is going to help please send pm for give more information about my account

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