Responsible game management please

There are certain unfair things going on in Lost Ark. Things that could be fixed with a better balancing and filtering of automated system behavior than the current one.

All of us (legit players, botters are obviously not) are happy whenever we see a working action against cheaters of any kind and a purge of them. Preemptive actions and measures that work.

However, what i really dislike is the fact that the automated system also grabs a lot of false positives. Too many. Way too many. And to make things worse, those who are true legit players banned by this system have to go thru the support system which is very unresponsive, usually met with a copypaste message and no human interaction.

Imagine this: a friend of mine, legit to the core, now has a red stain on his 12 yo Steam account because a ban wave chose him while he played normally, fair, legit. He has sent more than one submission for ban appeal, not a single answer for weeks.

So, all the unaccurate, sloppy measures taking down good players and staining their Steam accounts just because and no good support from the game’s end makes you wonder: when will i be next? How long until i’m the victim of this butchered automated system with unknown metrics that fucks us randomly?

Feels like walking in the woods with snipers in all trees and someday i’ll get headshot for carrying a inhaler mistaken for a gun.

I’ve seen here, on Steam forums and Reddit the same phrase: a State of Fear.

A responsible business is supposed to take good care of their good customer and take proper, accurate actions against the troublemakers, not just shoot random headshots against everyone.

I really love this game. I truly enjoy the content the devs have created. This is now the only, exclusive game i’m playing since its release. All other games are taking dust now.

But then again: if my legit friend got so wronged and even worse, left abandoned with this mistake from LA system and his 12 yo Steam account unfairly marked, what could make me think that my 18 yo account won’t suffer the same fate and have the same neglected treatment from the support team?

This is the fear a lot of us go thru everyday.

This is meant to be fun, not a terror environment.

Can anyone read this??