Rest bonus penalty should be remove

I believe the rest bonus penalty should be remove for chaos dugeon and guardian raid. People who take 1 day off should get the same reward as people who play the game every single day. This would help people from seeing this game as a second part time job. Most people have busy life could just hop on and play for a bit then log off. If you don’t know what I mean, when you stop play 1 day and you log in second day, your reward is 3 instead of 4 using rest bonus. This also allow people with busy life schedule to make some progression on their alt. Like many complainers here, I start feel like this game becoming a job. It took too much time from real life.


The game rewards you for doing your dailies. Tbf it’s good that they let us “recover” a bit of loot if we skipped a day or two, but if they’d let you get 100% rewards after day, 3 or whole week, the meaning of doings your daily tasks would be ruined.
You don’t have to do guardians everyday.


Wait, what’s the penalty again? You get 3 rewards instead of 4? I’m doing all my content on rest days but I’m getting tons of mats. I really don’t know what you mean by 3 instead of 4. Please explain.

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Why don’t we give more rewards to people who only play on Tuesdays and Thursdays or just to gingers instead? :+1:


You lose 1 run every time you use reset bonus. So if I stop doing guardian today, and tmr I log in, and do full guardian run. I can harvest 3 souls instead of 4.

For every skipped guardian soul in a day you get 10 points. Every 20 points you can get one extra the next day after defeating a boss. So if you use rest bonus you get only 3 souls. If you’d be to play 2 days in a row and catch them, you get all 4.

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You’re getting something for nothing. This is yet another case of someone trying to take a mile after being given an inch…


You sure about that? I’ve done guardian raids in rest days and if not mistaken I got 4 harvested souls. I think… damn, you are making me think son. That’s not good.

You can just make some exception here. There are way too many stuff to do daily in this game. Literally island, field boss, chaos gate, ghost ship, lopang, and una task. If they do this at least I can take break from chaos dungeon and guardian raid, focus on specific time event, and clear the entire guardian raid and chaos run on my spare time. Instead of play 4-6 hours a day to get all of the stuff done.

? They already give out rest bonus already. Might as well just give player full bonus. It is not like it hurts anybody lol. Who is the loser here in this battle? Everybody win and have a break.

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You are misunderstanding rest bonus. For ever 2 runs you don’t do, you get 1 run with double rewards. So if you miss a day, your first run the next day gives double rewards and your second run gives the standard rewards. There is no rest penalty, only rest bonus.

You’re already getting the full amount intended. Nothing was taken from you. You’re literally crying over not getting enough extras to make up for your inability to do daily content daily.


For every day a player don’t play, he/she/they/it/other pronounces gets rest bonus which boost the drops and all the next time they log in and play?? There’s no loss?? Other than rest meter filled

So basically, I should ask for increase the rest bonus? Yeah maybe I mistaken. It as a penalty. But I don’t think it would change the concept, but little bit misunderstanding it. Still I’m losing 1 run tho.

What are you talking about. It is not like you can jump do chaos gate and field boss at once? They are an hour apart. You are actually delusional, and self absorb.

Yes, you essentially lose one run, but that’s better than losing two runs. If they made the rewards the same then you would lose two runs.

That why I am asking to make it so players won’t lose any run, when they want to take a break from the game. That is the purpose of this post.

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What does that have to do with the rested bonus? There’s no rested bonus tied to that. I’m the delusional one. :rofl: At least I’m not so entitled that I think I should be able to skip days and get the same amount of rewards as someone who actually puts in the time every day.

? You are missing my point. Given full rest bonus reward, allow player to focus specific time event. We can hop on day that doesn’t have both field boss and chaos gate to do chaos dugeon and guardian raid to get full reward. Instead of doing the entire thing daily every single day. You are delusional bro, go read again. Maybe learn how to have a life. This method would save everybody time and grind more efficient especially if you have a job. At the same time, have a free nice break. No point no life for this game.

You can do all 4, chaos dungeons, guardian raids, chaos gate, and field boss, assuming both chaos gate and field boss are both available on the same day, in just over an hour. If that’s your definition of “no-lifing”, you’re trying to play games in the wrong genre.

Nice try on the “learn how to have a life” thing, though. I’m pretty sure my 65+ hours of work every week means I have less time to play than the average person… and I have no problem clearing the content I need to each day. :slight_smile:

Stop crying about non-issues. The only thing you’re accomplishing by doing so is giving CMs more shit to sort through to find the actual issues worth addressing.

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