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Hi, Is there a way to reset/restart my character progress in Lost Ark. After playing for a while, I realized that I picked the wrong and invested the materials that you received early on and found out that it will no longer appear or get it again, that’s why using power pass would be useless to use. So I am wondering if I uninstall it on Steam will my character progress also be deleted and start as a fresh new account?

You can always start fresh on a new server. Rosters are server bound so if you pick another one you’ll have all those juicy roster quests left to do again, and save any royal crystals you might have in shop. Blue crystals are roster bound too though, so you’ll have to replace those

Yes, your right and that’s also true BUT, I don’t want to leave the server since I and my friends created the character on the same server. Thank you for the answer anyways :slight_smile:

Ah yes in that case you are screwed, you’d have to go full scorched earth and get a new steam account to associate with the lost ark account - your current steam will always have your current lost ark progress if that makes sense.

Good luck!

That sucks :frowning: , I really don’t want to create another account since the Steam account I use is my primary and already has tons of games and achievements. Creating another account would be a dummy one.

I mean if it helps there’s literally zero rewards obtained from leveling/roster quests that cannot be gotten twice. Like if you wasted a bunch of engraving books you can always get them again from chaos dungeons past your daily limit - you turn in the items you get for more books ezpz. If you say did a bunch of islands and regret funneling all the materials to one character (I 100% did this lol) then you can just make a bunch of alts and funnel all those chaos dungeons/guardian raid materials to your new main. It’s a pain, but it’s all very doable and much less painful than remembering a brand new steam for just 1 game. I guess pick your poison haha

Stahp! your message hits me like a truck, Hahaha. Yep definitely did the irredeemable mistake, just prancing around like a unicorn and feeding all the materials on the character that I’m not going to use later on without knowing the consequences (omyghad). I don’t want to have an ALT, I want to treat them all as a Main and save the open slot for the classes that haven’t been released yet like Destroyer and Painter.

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just a question. how far are you on that class you’ve been playing on?

I think I’m on T2, with an iLV. of 983 and have played 174 hrs already :frowning:

but look at the bright side. you’re not really losing much if you decide to start on new character instead of that one you played on. you don’t need to rush content whatsoever as long as you enjoy the game. i’m 1330 on gunslinger did most of the content so far on her but i’ll switch to another class even while i won’t have a lot of things to do on the new class. the whole point is enjoying the game. don’t stress it out! ^^

There should be Stronghold research available that enables you to increase your T1 success rate. Also, there are chests you get for your first GR clears that will still award you with a LOT of mats. Hope this helps.


yep and that too! tier 1 and tier 2 stronghold upgrades actually. that would help a lot with new characters.

plus doing the tower a 2nd time will reward you will materials instead of the rewards you got for your roster the first time - definitely easier to catch up if you are already in T2

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can you do the tower infinite times? and still, get the reward?

Yes, each character gets to do the tower again basically…each time there’s new rewards for each alt if that makes sense

Honestly, I may be wrong but it doesn’t sound like you are too far into the game. The materials you get from islands are for T1 and T2 content.

Rather that starting over and doing every island all over again. My advice would be as follows:

1: Get your main into T2. This will give them the ability to reduce the honing rates for T1 characters. Both cost and XP.

2: Complete the Shadow Tower on your main.

3: Use your main to purchase the weekly tradable materials from: The tea ship in ports, the chaos dungeon vendor, guild merchants, etc.

4: (Optional) Sail to Punika and purchase T2 and T3 gem chests with sun coins.

5: (Optional) Depending on your level, you can have friends help you complete the Anguished Island daily on your alt/main. This island will grant you mats for T2 and T3.

  • From that point forward, make the alt you want to make.

1: Continue to play your main daily to stack up T2 mats for your alt through guardian raids and otherwise. Transfer tradable mats to your new main.

2: Complete Shadow Tower on your alt for the shard bags.

3: Complete specifically weeklies and dailies that will reward you shards as this is likely what you’ll get gated by.

4:(Optional) Make additional alts via knowledge transfer/powerpass to help funnel mats to your new character.

Doing this and the increased honing rates in T1 is going to catch you up faster than making a whole new account. And in the few moments where your T1 character will briefly stall, just do horizontal content such as island/giant hearts/ignea tokens, etc.


Purposefully replying to you here as my above comment is pretty much a roadmap for you.