Restart steam at launch time?

For those who have bought a lot of steam games can i leave my steam open from now till launch or should i open right at 9 to “trigger” the decryption faster, does it matter?

Interesting question

Would like to know this as well, you know, every second might count to get the names I want ^^

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Restart as i’m sure Steam doesn’t scan every 1 second if the game is released or not.


Mhm, makes sense. If I remember correctly, yesterday after the pre-download finished, there was a “refresh” button on the downloads page of steam next to the lost ark entry. Could be that it is sufficient to just spam that one to get steam checking again the released-state of the game.

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Hello Everybody and thank you for your interest in the game!

If you see a Refresh button on the Download section for Steam you can use it, you can restart your Steam client as well, as both are valid options.

Regarding the decryption times, Here’s a response we got from the Valve team:

“Decryption is an active process on the user’s machine. The time it takes to decrypt the game has a large degree of variability depending on the total size of the game, the customer’s CPU capabilities, and the customer’s disk I/O speed. Customers with top-of-the line systems will likely be able to start the game within a few minutes. Customers with older/slower machines will take a bit longer.”

I hope this helps you, and I’ll see you in Arkesia! :smiley:



Thank you for taking the time to share that with us @Korrigan! this one’s for you: :cookie:

You’re very welcome.

By the way, while you’re around here, do you know why I can’t change my forum profile picture ? Thanks !

Just for info, I used the refresh button to no avail, the game only started to update when I restarted the steam client.

Hi is not possible to play :frowning: steam is not unpacking Lost Ark

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Getting timeout when trying to decrypt here.


Sadly it doesn’t work.

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For the ones having issues with the decryption, try closing and relaunching the Steam client. Keep me posted please!

Closing and relaunching has no effect. Still timing out.

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Still timing out, as well. Attempted restarting Steam, changing download location (nationally and internationally) and clearing download cache. No luck.


Trying one more time, but this has been unsuccessful in resolving the issue when I tried a few minutes ago.

Thanks for the communication!

Same issue here, even after restarting and changing region, still timing out

I have closed and restarted Steam no less than 10 times in the last 30 minutes and I hit refresh every single time my download times out

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try the steps on this thread and let me know if it works: