Restart Steam if not Unpacking

It is unpacking, just need to restart steam

but unpacking is going to take 40 minutes on my machine.

Can try and switch to a different download server if timing out. It might work.

Steam → Settings → Downloads


yep had to do this…mine’s unpacking too now. :metal:

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Mine keeps getting timed out…not sure what is even getting timed out seeing as I preloaded it and it shouldn’t have to download anything


Getting timed out on a download…

… back to 40 minutes, guess people are flooding it.

Aye, seems like the download servers are on their knees right now :stuck_out_tongue:

1,18gb unpacked but currently stuck :melting_face:

But download what…it should already be on my pc ready for unpacking

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Same here, but apparently not…

Connection is timing out for me.

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i get connection lost fml LOL

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Connection time out :frowning:

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I think Steam is live decrypting the file via Server… It is secure for sure, but what a waste of time and resources.

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Connection timed out. Connection timed out. RIP NAMES

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Thank you for this! I exited the program and restarted and now I’m downloading. :star_struck:

If time out can try and switch steam server? I was able to connect via West Server.

How do you do that?

rip to my main name 2022/2022 SALUTE

Fail number one Amazon.