Restarting on new server noob

I am having problems on my server. Global chat seems to simply ignore some people it seems like everyone knows each other and I am kind of the odd person out. Thanks in advance.

I would like to switch servers and restart just have a fresh start and would like to know what transfers. Should I simply start a new account or no? I ask the following because I heard that rewards from quests are account wide. So rewards that I earned and opened are no longer available.

Do my packs like my vanquisher pack transfer over to the new account to be reopened?
What rewards will I no longer received?
Does gold and currency transfer?
What about login rewards can I get those again?

Anything else you all could add would be great. I heard that you could sell things to another character but I would imagine that would be on the same server.

Packs once claimed are server bound. So they won’t move with you.

As far as I know besides Royal Crystals and Crystalline Aura, nothing moves with you.

Login rewards are for each server, so you will start from day 1.

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May I repurchase the packs?

Actually I don’t know… I don’t think you can buy the same DLC twice.

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You can’t rebuy the same dlc pack. You can buy a different tier but not the same one.

The packs transfer if you haven’t claimed them to a character. But as soon as they’re claimed on a character they’re stuck on that server

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So I would need to start a new steam to technically restart from scratch.

Yeah I would be paying twice but this server REALLY sux.

And for twitch. I would need to start a new twitch and link that one a rewatch all the streams again.

Once the new Twitch drop tier is reached the old one is no longer avaliable.

You will only be able to get the Hoverboard.

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Just to make sure this game has been out for years. And they haven’t done server transfers. I’m not criticizing just asking about facts. They haven’t implemented server transfers in korea or in russia. May I ask why?

I woudln’t anyway, as from all accounts, he’s likely to get banned for being a filthy scammer & trying to give AGS money twice. :smiley:

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I’m not sure if your serious or your joking. I literally got the vanquisher pack because I want to support the effort. With all the info out there it is easy to see that the skins and mounts we have now are literally nothing compared to other regions in Y2. And there is no other reason to spend money ever after the initial purchase.

In addition I don’t know how I would be considered a scammer if I am the one paying the money.

Relatively serious. A LOT of peeps have been banned after requesting a refund on 1 server and buying another pack on a 2nd one after restarting. If you’re not refunding you should be ok, but honestly, why would you want to reward them for fleecing you of the first lot of money by giving them another lot…? That’s not called ‘support’ where I’m from mate! :wink:

Ok so I am going to break this down.

You can request a refund to use said money on another server. I would imagine the previous server loses the dlc.

-Unless of course you are saying that the previous server keeps the dlc.
Ok now this has two problems.

  1. They don’t refund as far as I know. Why would they.
  2. Even if they did they are removing the old packs so how is that hustling or lying to make money turning a penny into a dollar. Your getting dollar for dollar. Your just moving over.

Why would someone be banned for that? Moreover why would the developer ever allow a refund for a pack?

Moreover I have no idea what this has to do with the subject.

The minute you get the refund from steam as example, they ban your account since you have claimed items that you shouldn’t use anymore, so you need a new account if you choose to do so. They can’t take the skins/mounts from you.

Anyway what I wanted to ask is how are you the odd person out on a server? Is there no chance to integrate to a guild or something?

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its the weirdest thing. I was trying to get a wili wili kill and no one responded. I was around right before the reset. For like an hour.

Being new to the game every once in a while I will send a message over global with a question. Ya know just trying to make conversation and no one responds. Like at all.

It just seems like everyone knows someone and I don’t it’s weird.

tbh I have area chat disabled, and I wouldn’t take it too personal if people are not replying to your question, sometimes chat windows are overloaded if people don’t adjust them like guild messages and whispers in an extra tab etc.
Before you think about moving servers, I would suggest do a more reactive way of communicating, if someone is looking for a group or asking for a world boss etc try to get a hold of them :slight_smile:
I hope it goes well and you find some people to play with. Maybe in the later citys like Vern or Rohendel are some guild ads? maybe through the forum find a guild on your server so you have people t hang out with. I believe you can make it!


Thank you fluffy!