Rested bug, on all chars

im pretty sure when i logged off on Tuesday i had 0/100 on 6 of my gold earners on chaos and g.raids.

i took Wednesday off, because I’m sicker then a dead cat in the sun, and i just logged in now, and i have 100/100 on all…all my chars not just my 6 gold earners but my ALTs as well?

was there a compensation for the rest raid bug and it was given out? orrrr am i bugged? lol its great n’ all but. curious as to what happened here ~

Yes, it’s a punishment for anyone who took or is thinking of taking a break from the game.

They said they will fix it yesterday but at the last second they announced they won’t till next week.

There will be compensation though, but how much can they compensate 3 weeks of bricked accounts? :slight_smile:

LOL punishment for taking a break :rofl:
well must take a break every 3rd day then :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

yeah not sure what they will compensate for the lockout to those that had it, i think there is so much to consider that it would be hard to think of. gold islands, gates, ships, g.raids, raids, weekly gold rewards…man so much to consider im not sure anything would make people happy lol

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Yeah, they’re not taking it seriously because it’s affecting few people, which proves that most players here don’t miss a day.

I made the “mistake” of taking my gf out during christmas holiday and both our accounts are bricked since then.

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