Restful Melody Skin disappear from Skin Storage

Hello Everyone
after purchasing the Restful Melody skin from the ingame store & claiming it on my character, I tried to move it into my skin inventory.
In the process of doing that it seems to have disappeared.
I already checked everywhere I could so i send a tiket, with screenshot asking to refund it or replace the purchase.

Amazon answer at my tiket with: ‘‘I have checked and confirmed that it’s still on your account.
Kindly head on to your stronghold/any npc that provides access to your storage and check your skin storage there.’’

I have double, triple and quadruple checked my skin storage, both roster and character bound ones.
For the sake of certainty I even checked all other inventories/storages, and the skin does not appear to be anywhere.
I also had someone else check it with me, to no avail.
It might be true that the skin shows as existing in my skin storage on AMAZON end, but from my end it is simply not there.
Whether it’s a visual bug or something else, I don’t know.
But I can say with certainty that I don’t have access to it.
I have also attach screenshots of my skin storages, to show the skin is completely missing.
I dont know what to do, two day is passed and they didnt reply me anymore, i lost the golds i spend for the skin and i lost the opportunity to have it consider u can buy it only one time.

What can i do?

Are you viewing your skins “By Set” in your storage? Because in that view certains skins are not shown. It’s a known issue (though maybe not by CS, it seems…)

Thanks a lot for the info! i have try and finally find a solution :slight_smile:

The only thing make me a bit upset is Amazon answering me with ‘’ check it better ‘’ instead of telling me ‘’ u know there is this bug, do that blabla ‘’


Glad I could help :slightly_smiling_face:

And yes, customer support doesn’t always seem up to speed with regards to common issues, instead giving rather general advice. At least, that’s my impression from reading the forums.