Restor lv50 artillerist

excuse me i want to restore a lv50 artillerist deleted a few weeks ago
my current active character:lv 56 sorceress name:Glacianova server:central europe–>Thaemine


I understand that you wish to restore a character. Let me go ahead and help you with that!
I’ll be back in a few minutes with and update!

Thank you for your patience!

EDIT: Hello again @golden1kill ! I have gone ahead and restore your artillerist Kuroiiinova on slot 4. I recommend you run a file integrity verification before you reopen the game next time, and it should be right there for you to play :smiley:

Farewell! :mage:

could you help me by restoring my paladin?

Paladin - Kamdi
SA - Kazeros

I have a free slot.

Hi @Kaltor, it’s great to have you around! :sparkles:

Let me take a look into this! Please make sure you have an slot available and close the game so I can proceed

Be right back,
Cheers. :leaves:

Thank you for your patience @Kaltor,

I’ve successfully restored the character Kamdi lvl 58 in your 4th slot.

If there is anything else we can help you with just let us know,

Have a great week!