Restore a deleted character EU Central Neria

Hey there, I wondered if it is possible to restore my deleted Scrapper character. I deleted her like 2-3 weeks ago to make space for Destroyer but now I kinda regret it since I want to play her >.<.
Her nickname was Youngscrapposia on EU Central Neria
Thanks in advance :>

Hi @szymon9791!

Welcome to the forum!

Of course I can help you with this request, but in order to do so, I’ll need you to go offline first, and then I can proceed.

Please let me know when you’re ready, and I’ll help you out immediately :slight_smile:

Hey, I went offline just now, thanks for Ur answer :slight_smile:


I’ve successfully restored your character “Youngscrapposia”. You can now log back in and start playing!

If you have any other questions, please don’t doubt in reaching out.

Have a good day! :bird:

Thanks a lot for quick help ^^, have a nice day, stay strong

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