Restore a deleted character EUC Neria


I’d like to restore one of my characters. I’d be very thankful if it’d be possible to remind me which characters im able to restore. Thank you!

EUC Neria
Main Char: Ceruleanhoney (1536 iLvl)

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Hey there @xPablo, welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

Here’s a list of the deleted characters (class and ilvl):

Sharpshooter: ilvl 350
Artillerist: ilvl 470
Sorcerress: ilvl 1340
Destroyer: ilvl 1376
Striker: ilvl 1340
Glaivier: ilvl 1400

Let me know which character would you like to have restored.

If its possible i’d love to restore my sorceress and destroyer. Thank you.

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In order for us to restore characters, you need to have empty character slots.

You can either purchase them, or make some space by deleting some of your active characters, just be completely sure about which characters you’ll delete as there’s the chance future courtesies might not be granted.

Let me know so I can assist you further with this. :wink:

I’d like to delete my Gunslinger - Azurehoney. Is there a way to speed up this proccess instead of waiting 1 day? I’d love to have my Sorceress back.

All characters must be deleted manually, waiting for the 24 hours deletion queue, that can’t be sped up or bypassed.

If you decide to put your character on queue for deletion, let me know and once there’s an empty slot, just tag me here and tell me which character you want to recover. :wink:

Hey! I deleted one of my characters therefore there’s an empty slot. I changed my mind and i’d like my Destroyer back. Thank you! @Santoryu

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Hey there @xPablo, thanks for the update.

I just restored the Sorceress Ceruleanhoney, next time you log in the character should be back so take a look and let me know.

For anything else, I’ll be around, stay safe! :wink:

I appreciate your help and understand you have a lot of work to do and maybe you’re even under pressure to respond to all these topics but i clearly said i changed my mind and i want my destroyer back :sweat_smile: If u could take away the sorceress and give me back my destroyer :sweat_smile: Thank you kind sir @Santoryu

I’m very sorry for the mix up, I’ll definitely follow up on this one with you and restore the Destroyer for you.

Let’s do the same as before, once you have that empty character slot tag me here and I’ll get that one back immediately. Again, sorry for then inconvenience.