Restore character mods?

idk what character i use for the free pass. can some mod Help me locate that char and maybe restore it? tnx.
char for u to work on:
IGN: Glaviossa
Server: Mari

all good now ^^. no compe its ok. i understand only free powerpass users will get one. and not everyone who got hold on upgrading char to t3 using paid powerpass. GOOOD DAY

Hello @Amosroy, hope you’re doing well.

Regarding your missing character, it may be necessary to provide a little more information in order to locate and restore your character, do you remember what was their class or the approximate date the character was deleted?

Also I’m sorry to read that you’ve not received the Punika Growth Support pack, as mentioned in the article Update to Disabled Powerpasses of the News section here in the forum:

All players who either (1) completed a quest to earn a free Powerpass (Ealyn’s Gift or Berver’s Friend) between July 23rd and when free Powerpasses were reenabled or (2) have an unused free Powerpass and actively logged in between July 23rd and when free Powerpasses were reenabled will receive one.

Please make sure that you meet these requirements, if you do and when we’ve restored your character you still haven’t received your Growth Support pack, please contact us again through here and we’ll proceed to escalate your issue.

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply, have a nice day in Arkesia!

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all good. i dont need the compensation u give. good day. i dont want to trouble my self remembering thinks i forgot :slight_smile:

i think it was the Shadowhunter. the t3 char i use the free pass on. IDK. u can check the T3 chars i have on your system.

Hey @Amosroy,

I’ve restored the character called Shàdowhuntèr lvl 53 in the available slot. You can launch the game now and double check that the char is back.

If there is anything else we can help with just let us know,
Have a good one.