Restore deleted character EUW moonkeep

Hello , wondering if its possible to restore My lvl 50 artileryst
i dont really remember his name,my bad…

my main char name is Blindsyn on EUW- Moonkeep

Hi @Blind77

Hope you are doing well! :sunny:

I would like to help you restore you character.

Please let me know that you are offline in order to complete the restoration.

I’ll be waiting for your confirmation!

so sorry wasnt expecting a response so soon.
im offline now

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Hi again @Blind77.

Don’t worry :sunny:

Thank you for letting us know you were offline, I successfully restored the lvl 50 artileryst character.

Please relaunch the game and check if it’s there.

Have a great rest of your day :raised_hands:

ty very much :smiley:

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