Restore Deleted Character NA East - Galatur

Hi, I was wondering if I could get a deleted character restored? I just deleted Espertezuka on the North America East - Galatur server but realized too late I’m unable to change another character to the name. I’d gone through multiple character deletion but didn’t realize there were differences for slightly higher level characters versus new ones so I thought the character name would be available right away.

The Espertezuka name is pretty important for my identity, and I’d like to have it restored since I saw others were able to have theirs restored. I already purchased the name change card, but as long as I can get the character back that’d be fine. Thank you!

Hello! @espertezuka

Welcome to the forums!

I will need you to exit the game for me to check on this really quick. Can you let me know when you exit the game?

I’ve exited the game!

Thank you.

I just restore your character, so you can access again the game!

Have a great day! :waxing_crescent_moon:

Thank you so much!

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