Restore deleted character or item

Good night, I have a cruel suspicion that is eating away at me. How can I get the Pirate Certificate again if I lose it? I deleted a character to make room for a new class without realizing that the certificate was in the inventory. I tried to complete the quest again to see if the certificate came as a reward but only XP came. I can’t make Astray anymore because the Pirate Certificate is gone with DeathBlade. Is it still possible for me to reimport the Pirate Certificate?
I deleted a few characters, I don’t remember which one was in his bag


Hi @Flatlos

Welcome back to the Lost Ark forum, I hope you’re having a great time in the game.

I’m sorry to hear about his complicate situation affecting you. I will be happy to assist, I will need you main character name, and region to start searching for your account; and I will need sometime to check what I can do find the character with your miss Pirate Certificate. :octopus:

server:EU Central - Kadan
name: Flatlos

Hello, I didn’t know where to post but I have deleted a few characters on my account and If possible for a way to restore them kindly. thanks!

Hey there @Flatlos!

I’m following up on your request as @Kexxelon is currently offline.

It seems the Certificate of Pirate is currently on your reaper Gouraii, please check that character’s inventory, then try to continue the quest line with it. Let me know if it works. :wink:

Hello @sierra14prerunner, welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I can check your account and see if the characters can be recovered for you.

I’ll need the name and server/region of your active character in order to find your account.

Also, give me the name/classes/item levels of the characters you’d like to restore.

I’ll be pending on your reply. :wink:

Server Eu Central - maggnet

Majorseràs 1415
Àleynà 1415
Ànderson 1415
Billthébutcher 1415

also I had a Death Blade but i can’t really remember her name not sure of her item level but should be around 1400 ish
I can’t remember sharpshooters name but i think it was Bullzeyéd 1445 i think

Thanks!! <3

I can help you with that but at the moment, I’m allowed to recover just 3 characters for you.

If that still works for you, let me know which ones would you like me to restore, I’ll be around! :wink:

Alright, that is fine. If possible the Gunslinger majorseras, Deathblade, and sharpshooter. Thank you!


Small question is the other 3 available to be restored in the future or is the limit 3 at this moment.

Thanks for the information, I’ll proceed with the characters recovery for you.

There’s a limitation on the amount of characters we can restore to prevent an inappropriate use of the service which is based on a courtesy. And yes, each character recovery has a 365 days cool down. So you won’t be able to request more recoveries until a year has passed.

UPDATE: I found two Sharpshooters here, there’s one with Item Level 1445 and the other’s 1370. Let me know which one would you like me to restore, in the meantime I’ll be recovering the other two characters.

Alright thanks for the information!

I’ll take the 1445 sharpshooter.

Thanks a lot <3!

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I was able to restore the characters for you as a courtesy. Let me know if you see them back next time you log in.

I’ll be around if anything else comes up, Stay safe! :wink:

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Yup got them thank you very much for the help <3 have a good day!

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thank you very much for the help <3 have a good day :slight_smile:

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How did it go? were you able to continue the quest?

yes I’m about to take the ship. only rapport left

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Awesome, good luck! :wink:

Hi there! I believe I made a mistake deleting the certificate of pirate along with a old character. Is there a way I could get the certificate again? The character is fine, it was meant to be deleted.

Region: South America
Server: Kazeros
Main Character: Netosmash

Any other info you would need?

Thank you!

Hey there @NetoLA Welcome to the Lost Ark forum!

If the item in question was in the inventory of the character you deleted and you have an open character slot we could restore the deleted character and in that case I’d need the character’s name, otherwise you would need to create a ticket with our Support Team directly to request the restoration of the item, to do this follow this link and click the Web Ticket button:

Make sure to explain your situation in detail and include any helpful or relevant information in the ticket, such as how long ago (in hours) the item was deleted, and the name of the deleted item!


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