Restore deleted character same problem

I deleted my character who had the premiun found pack after I had claimed the pack, but havent use it, anything. then just before starting the tutorial I noticed that I had left a tattoo on my face by mistake while creating the character and deleted it to remake the character

So by accident i have deleted my found pack like another person i have seen in this forum

is possible to get a character restored?

Server : Kadan
Name : Sakkuritta // Assesin


Hello @Sakkuritta !

Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I understand that you’ve accidentally deleted your character.Our team will help you in restoring it back.

I would request you to contact our live support here Contact Us | Amazon Games so that they can take all the required information and help you in restoring the character.

You can reply to this post if you need any further assistance.

Have a great day!