Restore deleted Character Soulfist

Hello, I would like to recover a character that I deleted a while ago. Kadan server, central Europe, Soulfist nick - Vunderssjsky or Vunderssjky - 1300 + ilvl. I have a character slot available so you can restore her if possible.

Hey there @Vundersky Welcome to the Lost Ark forum!

Allow me a moment to check if we’re able to restore your character! Make sure to have an open character slot and be logged out of the game.

Update: I was able to find your account and can see the deleted Soulfist in there, please let me know when you log out of the game so I can proceed with the restoration!

Hello, i logged out already.

@Vundersky Alright I’ve now restored your level 52 Soulfist named Vunderssjky, you can now log back into the game.

See you in Arkesia!

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Thank you for quick response!

Best regards