Restore Deleted toon

Doing some research in hindsight there’s not much online at least in English about some things in game I didn’t know the max amount of toons for knowledge transfer was a base of 9 per tier of KT. I deleted a gunner/sharpshooter who was just farming t1 chaos while I work on my main and subsequent alts that were much higher in ilvl prepping for the release of the glaive I deleted it not knowing there was going to be a 13th character slot opening after making the glaive using the feiton pp on it I found I could create a thirteenth character proceeded to make one and found I could not KT as my gunner/sharpshooter was my 9th for the northvern KT I was hoping to restore the deleted gunner/sharpshooter to replace my new 13th character
Sorry for run on sentences and hopefully someone can help :> tyia

Hey @mataejo!

I will be happy to help you, please let me know your character name and region to perform the restoration.

I await your response! :shield:

too be honest i can not recall the name of the gunner/sharpshooter and my 13th spot is filled by beardedragon a lvl 10 gunlancer thank you for the swift response! let me know if i need to do anything before the restoration i have not deleted the gunlancer as of yet and again ty for the swift response!

I see you have eliminated a level 50 Hawkeye named Echoespast, can you confirm if it is this one? Also, I need you to free the slot so please confirm me when its ready to do the magic! :magic_wand:

okay ive made space and yes echoespast is the toon i eliminated. i am so grateful and so thankful ModeratorZ!

Alright! I can do the restoration right now I just need you to disconnect from Lost Ark for a second.

okay sorry im scared for the que but i have disconnected!

Thank you for your quick collaboration, and I hope that the queues do not affect you too much, your character should appear now on your roster. Let me know if it worked correctly.

its na west lol queues at this time be @5k! but im just loving the game too much tyvm ModeratorZ!

It is a pleasure to help you! May the adventure continue through the vast lands of Arkesia! :shield:

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