Restore my bard thanks dad

I’m sorry to trouble you again,I got AFK a month ago for personal reasons. Now back to Lostark, I remember I had bard character before, please reply, thanks Dad.
Hi could you guys restore my bard im not sure what the name of the bard was again
but my main is lufft server kanda

I love this game, in this month, I want to return to every moment

Can the community manager help me?

Hello @diyozzzz, it’s wonderful to have you around!

I’ll be glad to take a look into this and restore the Bard if is possible. Just to make sure, the name of your main character is lufft located in the server kanda? (You mean Kadan on Europe central?)

I’ll be tuned to your reply,

Yes Kadan on Europe central .Main Character Name:Lufft

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Thank you so much for the information @diyozzzz,

I found the bard lvl 50 called Directordy, please close the game so I can restore it.

Let me know once is closed.


offline thankyou

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I’ve successfully restored the bard lvl 50 called Directordy, you can launch the game now.

If there is anything else we can help with just let me know,

Have a good one.