Restore of a deleted character?


I was wondering if it’s possible to restore a deleted character from a while ago although i don’t remember the IGN

Class: Paladin
Server: Kazeros


Hey there @seite Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

Please let me know the name of an active character in your roster so I can find your account and allow me a moment to check if we’re able to restore your character! Make sure to have an open character slot and be logged out of the game.

I have a character named as Seite and one as Seitte

@seite I was able to find a level 52 Paladin named Seitee, please close the game and let me know when you do so so I can proceed with the restoration!

It’s closed already, you can proceed pls and thank you so much

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@seite I’ve now restored your Paladin, you can now log back into the game!

See you in Arkesia!