Restore old account

Hello, i would like to restore a shadowhunter i made some months ago, and deleted again, its been a while, but hopefully it works, i dont remember the name but it should be in end of T1.

main: Scrapnasto
Server: Neria

Hi @Johnnast0

After searching on the characters i found Johnnast level 50 and now you and your Shadowhunter can continue to travel together on Arkesia. (āˆ©ā—•ā€æā—•)āŠƒā”ā˜†ļ¾Ÿ

Enjoy your week and take care. (įµ”į“„įµ”)

hello can i olso restore an daleted character ?
region euc
server sceptrum
class sorceress lvl 50 but i dont remember the nameā€¦
active main name: iknut

Hi, sure @ViX3ll , please go offline from the game Ź• ā€¢į“„ā€¢Ź” and allow me a couple of minutes .

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Thank you for the confirmation @ViX3ll

I can inform you that now you can join again to your Sorceress Sementris Level : 50 on the adventure to explore Arkesia į“–į“„į“–

Have an excellent day ahead. Ź• ā€¢į“„ā€¢Ź”

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thank you to much :star_struck:

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