Restore old character?

Is it possible to have one of my older characters restored to my account? It was a Soulfist named Avathorn if I remember correctly. The main character on my account is Averthorn.

Hello @Argomok

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Could you please provide the server/region name for the deleted Soulfist character so that I can check if it’s possible to restore it.

I also request you to log out of the game for the time being.

Looking forward to your response. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, my mistake. Region is NA East, Server is Azena.

Thanks a lot for the quick response @Argomok

I found the deleted Soulfist character named “Avathorn” on the Azena server but it seems that you don’t have an empty character slot available at the moment.

I request you to confirm the deletion for the Pending Deletion character and reply to this post once the character slot is available so that I can proceed with the character restoration.

See you in Arkesia. :magic_wand:


I’ve decided to just buy a new character slot, so it should be alright now.

Thank you!

Thanks for the update @Argomok

I have successfully restored the Soulfist Character named “Avathorn” for you. Please relaunch the game and check if it’s there.

Have a great day ahead. :innocent:


The character is there. Thanks again!

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