Restoree lv50 soulfist

excuse me i want to restore lv50 soulfist deleted a week or two ago
my current active character:lv 55 sorceress name:Glacianova server:central europe–>Thaemine
i am logged off and ready for restoration

Hello @golden1kill

I hope you are doing great.

I have successfully restored the deleted Soulfist character named “Shiroonova” for you. Please relaunch the game and check if it’s there.

Have a good one. :innocent:

Edit : It looks like I have restored the deleted Scrapper instead of the Soulfist. I am very sorry for the mistake.

Please delete the scrapper that was just restored and let me know once the deletion process is complete so that I can restore the Soulfist for you.

alright but this will take 24 hours we cant skip this?

I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience @golden1kill but I am afraid we don’t have the option to remove the character deletion wait period.

ok thanks i will reply here when the deletion process is complete

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there is an open slot and i am logged off now

Hello @golden1kill, hope you’re well!

Your Soulfist has been restored, please try now and confirm if you can access them again.

Have a good day in Arkesia!

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