Restoring a Character (Saxuel)

Hello, I deleted a character a little while ago to make room for another character class I wanted to try. Could i please have it restored, Thanks Samuel

Character name -Saxuel

Server name - Mari

Region- North America West

Class and level - Deathblade Lvl 50

I would be most appreciative of any help in this matter, thank you!

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Most likely cant do anything about it, good luck though.

Hi @Saxuel,

I’m more than glad to assist you with your request. I’m going to proceed to take a look into this and let you know in a few minutes.

If you are online please close the game.

Best regards.

Update: I found two deleted characters called Saxuel but both are lvl 10. Am I spelling the name wrong?

I’ll be tuned to your reply.

No that should be the one, It was deleted last night, I was using it to hold a name for myself but i want to level it, It should be a Striker :slight_smile: