Restoring character if possible

hello there,

I was just asking if there’s any possible chance to restore a char?

can you check this for me.
I need to restore the char cuz it had the quest and I can’t cancel it or take it on my main character.

server : Ezrebet
Region : Eu central
Active char : Cruelwarrior

Just let me know if that possible or not. so i’d add/buy slot for it by tomorrow.

Hello there @CrueIty,

I will gladly assist you with this request, just remember to be logged out of the game!

Allow me to look for your character. :wink:


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thanks for ur help tho, now im offline. but I don’t have slot to restore it by now.

I was just asking if it possible, I’d buy character extension slot by tmw or just delete my tier 1 instead.

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No worries @CrueIty,

I have located your account, what is the name of the character you wish to check on?


its wizard or hybirdwizard I believe. sorc class.

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can I log in back again ?

@CrueIty Yes!

I have located the character, I’ll check to see if it’s restoreable and let you know but you can play now!

I will update you as soon as possible! :smiley:

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thank you so much and I’m so sorry for bothering…

No worries @CrueIty, I’m here to help!

I’m requested the information to our team so I can be 100% sure that it’s restoreable before you buy a slot! :smiley:

Again, I will update you as fast as possible!


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okay, you can take ur time. I’ll check this post before doing anything.

thanks again.

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@Jormungandrh is it possible to restore my wardancer, i can’t remember it’s name

server: Mari

Region: US West

would like to replace the sorc im currently waiting on for deletion with the wardancer i was playing in the past

Hello there @oreyn , welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I will gladly assist you with this request, just to clarify do you have a slot open right now? And could you share the name of an active character on your account please?

I’ll be waiting!


i currently dont have an open slot my sorc should be ready for deletion in 6ish hrs, my main character is Akashate lvl 58 gunslinger 1475ilvl us west mari

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@oreyn Checking on your character,

I found a lvl 50 Wardancer named Akayero, would that be the one?

Let me know so I can check on that one!


yes I think that is the character :grinning:

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Okay @oreyn,

On this character I can see the info and yes it is restoreable, you can ping me here when your sorc is deleted and I can process that restore for you!

Let me know if you need anything else!


thank you so much for the help will ping when the slot is open :smile:

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@Jormungandrh the sorc has been deleted and a slot is now available for the wardancer.

Hello @oreyn

I hope you are doing well.

I have successfully restored the Wardancer named “Akayero” for you. Please relaunch the game and check if it’s there.

Have a good one. :slightly_smiling_face:

My wardancer is back thank you for the help :grinning:

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