Restoring deleted character please

im sorry i deleted my gunslinger she was my event character can you please get it back ?
name: Rèvèngè
region: Europe central
server: Lazenith

Hi @IronWolf

Hope you are doing well!

We’d like to help restore your deleted character, however we’re currently not taking character restoration requests through the forums.

In this case you will need to contact us through the Amazon Games Support website, you can use the following link to do so:

Contact Us

Remember that in order to restore a character you will need to have an empty character slot and to be offline while the restoration is in progress and also to provide your character name / Level / and server so the team can look in to it!

Hope this information help you! :wolf:

ok thank you <3

No problem! @IronWolf.

Please let me know if you need help with something else.

Hope you have a nice day and see you in Arkesia! :wolf: