Restoring my deleted Striker

Hi there,

I made the seemingly common mistake to delete a character perhaps a month ago, it was a lvl 50 Striker that I had boosted using Knowledge Transfer. I do not remember the character’s name, though here is some of the apparently necessary information :

  • Region : EU West
  • Server : Shadespire
  • Class : Striker
  • Level : 50 (knowledge transfer)
  • Current main : Ragnhildr 1415 Scrapper

I just unlocked a character slot to make sure there’s enough space for him.

Hi @Dayn9

Welcome to the Lost Ark Forum!

Hope you doing great!

I like to tell you that I have restored your character named Sigvaldh, Class : Striker!

Please verify that you can log in to the character with out any issue.

I’ll be waiting for your confirmation! :wolf:

Hi Kagami,

Thank you very much, I can log on to that character just fine.

Have a nice day and thanks for your time !

No problem! @Dayn9

I’m glad that you get it back! :smiley:

Hope you have a nice day and see you in Arkesia! :wolf: