Rest/Strategy Room

They should create an option where players can enter a rest/strategy chamber during the game if they need to take a break or re-strategize a boss fight mid game. Because oftentimes in a map the player can take useless damage because the monsters keep respawning while you’re afk for 5 minutes. They don’t have to reheal here, it can be like all time stops. Of course this is useless for PvP mains.

Anyway, you can anytime use the portal to your stronghold or place called Trixion with songs you will learn until you reach 50 LVL on your run on first island areas through Luttera.

For bosses on raids or tough dungeons, they can probably make a function with pause a game for a few minutes if all of the members of the group will accept. But I think it is unnecessary.

Can you use the portal to your stronghold or Trixion until level 50 or after level 50? I don’t know if I have access to either right now, since I’m only level 22.

You will get both of those after level 32 i guess.

But in guides menu on your screen on left corner of display you can use training room. It works like that too.

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