Rethramis 100% collection

I made all possible collections, monsters, etc. In Rethramis but game ended counting on 97% instead of 100%, ofcourse changing character, changing region and other possible actions that I could think of, didn’t work. It looks like typical bug of game but, if someone is aiming for 100% reward u can’t get it, because game stops collection at 97%, and u can see from time to time bug with food showing that u need eat 5 of every dish, when u recheck again after switching turns back to 1.
Rethramis problem with 100% collection

This, also, whats the best spot to farm collectibles in Rethramis?

Yep, you must finish shown dungeons on normal and hard difficulty!!!

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Nice, thank you very much for the link.

If u search for best spot to farm collectibles, any spot with named mobs work, most occupied is Closed Border Post cause u have 4 named mobs there.
And thanks for info about u must do normal and hard, seperate. It makes it just running 2 times same thing ;d

Ah right, and u can get full one type of collectible and it still will drop, so u can trade it with others if they need this one, for the one u need.

Aquiloks head on hard would not give me credit in the book…
Can anyone help me why this is?