Retro / Back to school skin sale

This has been on my mind for a while now and seeing a thread about it plus the official response from Amazon I went ahead and followed the given suggestion.

As it is a popular game there are more and more new players joining which are unable to purchase previously released skins. I suggest having a back to school / retro skin sale for 1 month, with new (well actually old skins) rotating every week) within that one month and once per year.

That should not cut into the plans in place between AGS/SG and the sale can occur during downtimes of skins/content. Pricing can be the same as they were or 5-10% off, whatever works as long as the sale happens and users (incl. myself) have a chance to purchase skins they previously were unable to buy due to whatever reason (incl. but not limited to class not releasing after a skin went on sale at the time).

Thank you for reading,

P.S. This suggestion is for 2023 and onwards.