Returning familiar problems trigger a frustrated mood in the long run

Lost Ark finally had something different, it brought a breath of fresh air to the MMO market. The atmosphere is good, the story is worth reading and at some points you can even sympathize with the character.

However, with these problems that have existed since release, that remain felt because there is a complete lack of transparency, when what is being worked on and how…
This feels like a punch in the face for all those who have spent the last few weeks, daily, grudgingly waiting in queues to continue playing.
And when you are finally allowed to play after 6 hours of waiting, you notice that the crystalline aura is not there again, or the store is already in maintenance when you click on it.

But you only get this info in the game, after you have waited for hours, nowhere in the main menu does it say that on these servers [list] the stores are currently being maintained and therefore the aura is not activated.
This is insanely frustrating. I really want to like the game, I want to play it for a long time, but the problems are so unnecessarily frustrating.
Especially after a stressful day at work, something like this is just maddening.

It’s really a tragedy right now to watch the game’s high ranking plummet and become more and more unpopular with every bug in the gameplay, be it the Aura or the completely overloaded matchmaking system or other bugs that cause the game to freeze and crash.

“Just wait until the hype dies down,” I read very often.
But I don’t think it’s the hype, I think it’s more that the prevailing problems will push the game into a category where it won’t get much attention in the long run. Then you can only hope that it doesn’t die out completely.



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