Returning player after a year looking for a chill guild on west or east to play with

Hello as the title says I am looking to return to the game after a long break. The guild I was in before seems to have disbanded and most of my friends arent playing anymore so I am looking for a guild to do content with.

Last thing i was doing was Argos p1 and p2 around 1370. Anything past that I have 0 experience with. I would also be re rolling to a new character since Mayhem Berserker even still playable isnt like it used to be.

I do like to “push” content since I have a mythic raiding backround from World of Warcraft, however since I work 6 days a week currently my “availability” for raids is later at night around 10pm EST is when I am fully available.

Feel free to leave any info here so that I can read them and thank you for any interest :smiley: .

Hey If your still looking for a Guild Why not Join us Fire Nation Gaming Join @NitBS#1506 when you join the discord and we’ll get you settled in